Dunes Run 2018

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Date(s): 12/29/2017 - 01/01/2018
Time: All Day
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Contact: Doug Goodman
Email: dmgoodm@cox.net
Phone: 619-278-1221

Download Flyer: http://tds4x4.com/wp-content/uploads/Dunes2018-1.pdf


Over the new year weekend Tierra del Sol Four Wheel Drive Club will once again
traverse the Desierto de Altar in Sonora, Mexico. It is the largest patch of sand in
North America and provides challenges to navigation and communication. As a
four wheel drive run it is unique since there is no “trail” to follow. Usually we form
up into two or more groups and travel by different routes over the dunes to a
GPS location for a campsite. One group, lead by the Trailboss, takes a route
suitable for stock vehicles and or “new to sand” drivers. Other groups will take on
the bigger dunes and deeper bowls. Day one starts at the Small Cross in the
dunes at the end of a sand road. Travel is South by way of the Big Cross
(accessible to modified vehicles) and ends near the site of an airplane crash. Day
two continues in the dunes with travel generally North up the East side of the
dunes. Guests are welcome and stock vehicles are OK. Ham (2 meter) radio is
a must along with a passport. Mexican auto insurance is highly recommended.

Dates: Dec 29, 2017 Friday night camp Radio: 2M 147.48
Dec 30 2017 8AM Run Starts
Dec 31 2017 Dunes camp Trailboss: Doug Goodman
Jan 1 2018 Run ends 619-223-0982(H)
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