Date(s): 04/06/2019
Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
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Contact: Jim Ness
Email: 619-980-3146

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Our up-coming run is Grapevine Rd/Trail from hwy. 78 just West of Ocotillo Wells to Montezuma’s Grade just East of Ranchita, CA. This is a very easy Run (SUV with 4 WD). We will meet at Scissors Crossing on the SW corner at 10am on Saturday, April 6st. We will exit the pavement at Yaqui Pass Rd (S-3) & Grapevine Rd. We will air down and have driver’s meeting there. I will point out Stuart’s Spring, Angelina Spring (photo op) and Culp Springs Some walking will be involved to see Angelina Spring and Culp Spring. We will also go thru Culp Valley. We will stop for a trail lunch. We will air-up just before the pavement at Montezuma’s Grade. Only one area may be an easy challenge for ‘Newbies’. This is a beginners run. Let your ‘licensed’ children drive?

Communications will be on 2 meter, 147.480 Mhz. If you have an extra radio, please bring it. Bring usual safety gear, lunch, water, jackets, camera etc.

Trail Boss: Jim Ness (619) 980-3146

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