Date(s): 04/09/2018 - 04/13/2018
Time: All Day
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Contact: Patrick Vaughn
Phone: 760 587 5240

Download Flyer: San-Rafael-Swell-trip-April-2018.pdf


The San Rafael Swell is a large geologic feature located in south-central Utah about 30 miles west of Green River, Utah. The San Rafael Swell, approximately 75 by 40 miles, consists of a giant dome-shaped anticline of sandstone, shale, and limestone that was formed over 40 million years ago. Since that time, infrequent but powerful flash floods have eroded the sedimentary rocks into numerous valleys, canyons, gorges, mesas and buttes. The swell is part of the Colorado Plateau physiographic region.

Interstate 70 divides the Swell into northern and southern sections. Our trip this year will take us to the northern section to explore a richly diverse area including the San Rafael River, Wedge Overlook (Little Grand Canyon), Pictographs, Dinosaur findings, etc.

Most people will arrive on Sunday afternoon 8th April at campground in Huntington State Park, Utah.

Reservations can be made online at:

Drivers meeting at 8.30am Monday morning 9th April. at the campground.

Trails all week, Monday to Friday inclusive. A variety of trails where 4wheel drive, high clearance, 33+ inch tires recommended. Trails interspersed with plenty time to sightsee, visit museums, potlucks, and hanging out by the campfire etc.

Huntington UT area will be a general base area for first half of week.

Second half of week will move to a base closer to Green River, UT.

Communications – Must have Ham Radio. We will operate on 147.480


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