Rumors are circulating on the internet in the 4WD community that the Los Coyotes Reservation is open for 4 Wheeling. Those rumors are WRONG Extra resources.
The Reservation is open on weekends and holidays for Camping ONLY. (Camping is restricted to the Main Campground.)

The graded roads beyond the campground, to the old Lookout Tower, Choke Cherry Valley and 4 Corners to the Helo Pad are open. All other roads and trails on the reservation are CLOSED even though there are no signs indicating so. If it is not a graded road, it is CLOSED.

The Los Coyotes Band now has its own Tribal Police Force who can, and will, enforce the rules.

Representatives from the San Diego 4 Wheelers, TDS and JustRuns are in discussions with the Tribe about possibly allowing limited 4 Wheeling on a Special Permit basis. No decision has been made by the Tribe. It will be a few months before a decision is made. If they do decide to open to 4 Wheeling it will be on a limited, pre-arranged “Special Permit” basis.

We hope for a favorable decision by the Tribe, however, anyone violating the Closed Areas risks causing the Tribe to make an unfavorable decision.