Tierra Del Sol and Ocotillo Wells State Park are partnering to build a couple of new obstacles in the Training Area park. We’re building a pyramid and a series of stair steppers. These pictures are from Prairie City SVRA in Rancho Cordova.

TDS is purchasing the list of materials below. If anyone has a line on a concrete contractor who would loan or rent out this laundry list, let me know. Reply here or a PM works.
Also looking for a reasonable concrete boom truck contractor for a week.
We will be starting this project early next month.

• 64 ea. 2”x12”x20’
• 208 ea. 2”x4”x20’
• 91 ea.4”x4”x20’
• 44 ea. 4’x8’ 3/4 “ CDX Plywood
• 150 ea. ½” x20’ rebar
• 1100 pcs Burk Snap Ties